The objectives of the project

The skills sets developed will be need based and market oriented, that can sustain the daily life of the community. The project has three phases such as i) Survey of the community & identification of the skills set that needs support ii) Skill Training activities iii) Shop opening or entrepreneurship development. The needs that have been identified in our current needs assessment are as follows:

  • Retail outlet for Community based Stitching/Tailoring, Accessories. Hence, training is required for stitching and tailoring as well as retail training to run shop
  • Community based Spices Packaging, retailing through shop and/or supplying through phone orders
  • Youth Computer Training & Opening up of a Cyber CafĂ© along with mobile repairing shop. This includes services like E- Ticketing, Biometrics work, Adhaar & Pan Card preparation and Mobile repair training
  • Cooking & running of an eatery
  • Organic Agricultural Activities through Kitchen Gardening, Herbal Garden, and Flowers garden for Colour preparation, Vermi Composting & Ajola. There is also a need to learn about marketing of the products
  • .

The objectives of the project as follows:

  • Skill set training: Providing Artisans through need- based Skill training at various locations.
  • Business Development: Enabling Artisans with Entrepreneurship model to start business
  • Impact assessment for sustainability: Empowering Artisans to generate revenue at the community based locations

The focus of each skill training and location will be varied depending upon the survey report and the need of the community. For example, Agriculture based activities are required in Rajasthan & Kalimpong in West Bengal while Stitching & Spices Packaging & home Delivery is in demand in the Kolkata Slums in West Bengal. The basic output of the project is aimed towards sustainable livelihood through business development linkages with the skill sets learned during project period.