Project lead of project

Project Directors & lead team have degree in Social Work and associated with the organization since last 12-15 years with rich experience and understanding of program. They have sound knowledge of the program; they have skill to make the community mobilized. Literacy India's Karigari --Women's Empowerment through artisan's entrepreneurship is guided by them.

The project will be headed by Capt. Indraani Singh Managing trustee of Literacy India. Capt. Indraani Singh, a pilot by profession and a women social entrepreneur with more than 20 years' of experience in developing Literacy India into an institution and organization with more than 50000 beneficiaries reach out across 12 Indian states. She is heading Literacy india and specially driving the women empowerment program across India. She speaks to women directly on them being self reliant. Many Girls/ women have come out of their shell and boldly participate in the working of LI. Literacy india founder Capt. Indraani Singh Stree Shakti, was awarded with BE THE CHANGE-STREE UDYAMITA SAMMAN-2015. She was honoured for her outstanding contribution in women entrepreneurship.

Management team:

  • Sohit Yadav - Project Director, Community mobilization, Planning
  • SanghaMitra Chanda - Project director Strategy and implementation
  • Sunil Kumar Singh : IT & technical
  • Birendra Yadav: IT and content framework
  • Prabir Bannerjee - Project Coordinator
  • Satya Prakash - Project Director, Marketing and Operations
  • Dharmendra Yadav: Project officer _ Audit and Impact
  • Kaushik Basu: project Coordinator

Ceo & founder Literacy India

Captain Indraani Singh refuses to accept the conservative notion that Indian women must stay home and look after the family. Capt. Singh started her career in 1987 with Indian Airlines, flying the Boeing 737. In 1989, Capt. Singh went to Toulouse, France, to train for flying the Airbus-320 and became the first ever woman in Asia to fly the A 320. Again in 1995, She was the world’s first woman commander on the wide bodied AIRBUS -300. She is the recipient of the Godfrey Philip special award for Bravery in social cause, Lifetime Achievement Award by the International Women’s Congress in 2009, among other accolade. Limca Book of Records - special Achievement for Flying & Literacy India. Capt. Indraani received Civil Society `s Hall of Fame award for 20 years of work in Literacy India.

In November 1996, 20 years ago, Capt. Indraani established Literacy India to teach children and empower women. She became a part of the Literacy India Trust, a not-for-profit organization operating out of a construction site in Palam Vihar, Gurgaon, with just 5 children. Eventually she took up a challenge to lead it to new heights with the 3 E’s of Empowerment, Education and Employment as its targets. Indraani’s organization has been so successful that it has expanded to West Bengal, Jharkhand, UP , Telangana , Uttarakhand, Karnataka , Haryana and the Delhi metropolitan area.

 “In the 20 years of the organization’s existence we have been able to touch the lives of scores of women, lifting them out of poverty and giving them a reason to smile,” says Indraani. “Our mission is to empower communities by strengthening their local skills and providing links to markets to attain financial sustainability, thereby encouraging youths to take up these skills too, so traditions do not get marginalized.” Indraani enjoys seeing Indian women enjoying greater economic opportunity, but she’s after even greater change than that. “Women in many villages of India are not respected and are even treated as door mats, which we believe leads to a severe identity crisis,” she says. Her organization therefore also runs workshops specifically designed to empower women, inviting women role models in to talk about their lives and bringing the organization’s members to various companies to expose them to life outside the home.

Key Areas of Work in Education across 9 States with 83 centers, Gyantantra Digital Dost a Multimedia based education Accelerators across 83 schools and have covered over 40 thousand students. Skilling and Vocational Education an important vertical has covered over.400000(four lacs) beneficiaries. Capt. Singh is focusing her energies on digitising the literacy programme through ‘Gyantantra-Digital Dost’ with a vision of every educated Indian teaching another. The project implemented Pan India with Partnership with State Govt., Respective state Education Department and NPO.